Making Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Accessible and Fun for Kids!

Practicing yoga and dance on a regular base will help children in gaining self-confidence and self-respect, developing concentration and focus, releasing tension and stress, becoming stronger and more flexible, increasing stamina, developing emotional intelligence and resilience and using tools to self regulate and feeling more calm, happy and grounded.

Doing yoga and dance gives children simple but powerful tools that will help them stay in touch with their peace and joy, with the present moment, their imagination and creativity, their innocence and inner sense, the strength and flexibility of their body and mind and with their pure magic and light.

To be successful, creative learners and compassionate, respectful, self aware human beings, children must be given the tools, time and space to draw their attention back away from what can sometimes be an overwhelming, chaotic world.

Hearing a story, a few deep breaths, doing yoga and movement to reconnect the body/mind and release tension, a space where to connect, share and have fun and moments for quiet introspection, are a wonderful way to reset the nervous system to feel revitalized, calm and focused.


Teacher Training in Torquay, South Devon, UK
Dates: 9/10/11 September 2016
3 Day Intensive
Early Bird Price till 9th of August 2016

Teacher Training in Montpellier, France
Dates: 24/25/26 February 2017
3 Day Intensive
Early Bird Price till 24th of January 2017


Recent Testimonials

  • I hosted the training in Holland in October 2014. It was a great success with 12 participants, now certified to start Yogadance classes for Kids & Families. Organising the Yogadance Teacher Training was very compatible with my daily work. I work as a Communication Advisor and use Facebook and mail in my weekly routine. As a yoga teacher, I tapped into my network of people interested in yoga. Luna is easy to work with and very inspiring and it all went very smoothly!

    Maaike Dijkstra (Host)
  • I'm not a yoga person and I never really had a relationship with yoga. But I work with families & children and dance. In this work  it is very necessary to have tools and methods that help children to connect, with their parents, with each other and with their feelings. This training was an incredible experience and fulfilled all the ideas I thought would come up so I am very happy I did the course. I can definitely recommend it to anyone working with children and their parents.

    Adinda Strube-Rubens (Graduate)
  • I am super grateful as I feel more connected to my inner child and therefore my daughter. I am very happy I did this training. I learned a lot and feel like I gained many tools and ideas to integrate in my work with children. Thank you Luna!

    Alve Alvita (Graduate)
  • Thank you Luna for this beautiful 3 days of exploring our inner creative world and the rainbow of possibilities that we are! And that we can share so joyfully and appreciate and learn from each other's unique flavours and imagination. Learning through storytelling, movement and music makes life so vibrant and fun!

    Aum Bubu Matuka (Graduate)
  • Assured inspirational teaching giving thorough experiential and practical experience. It was a joy to be taught by the fantastic, relaxed and creative Luna Joy. Active participation slowly built my confidence from feeling like 'I am  never going to be able to do this', to 'I think I can!' It was a privilege to be around beautiful women and children. It was great to recapture my 'go with the flow' parenting style from many years ago and to have affirmed that the best thing to be with kids is my intuitive self. Many thanks Luna!

    Helen Fitzwater (Graduate)
  • Having Luna as a teacher was pure delight for me. I find her way of explaining things through direct experience entertaining and exciting and this has also speeded up my learning. I love her strong presence in the now, so much needed to successfully work with children. I feel inspired and very well prepared and equipped to start my own classes.

    Asha Ali (Graduate)
  • Luna’s Yoga dance classes are uplifting, fun, expertly and safely held and really inspiring. My daughter, who has just turned three, is thoroughly engaged by the songs, stories, yoga and movement, beautifully woven together to create a class that literally flies by! It’s a time for us to bond together too – and for me to watch my little girl explore and shine, which is very special. Thank you Luna!  

    Lucy Jameson (Parent)
  • For me as a mother of two young children who keep me on my toes I found Yogadance a fun active step for the whole family on the path of imagination; a journey of creativity shared, where mind and body meet and have healthy fun in the safe space Luna helps us to co-create. Yogadance gives parents the skills to support and encourage our children in a constructive  playful way whilst helping them to positively grow in many ways 🙂

    Sonia (35), Sara (7) & Eli (4)
  • The training was really putting together all the things that I believe in and had learned before about working with children. I could recommend this course to people who want to dive deeper into their work with children.

    Camilla Hedenstam (Graduate July 2014)
  • What an inspirational and beautiful course. Taught with passion and love – brought sheer happiness, confidence and friendships.

    Caz Walkling (Graduate Novemer 2015)
  • I loved the creative thinking behind the training. I found it very useful knowing how to use props in different ways and learning different teaching techniques and how to use our voice telling a story. Thank you for the very comprehensive manual too!

    Mary Demir-Wong (Graduate Novemer 2015)
  • Best training ever! 3 days of fun, learning and therapy! So glad to have been part of it and to have met such special people. Luna we love you! Thank you!

    Vivien Panagou (Graduate November 2015)
  • This training was one of the most practical I’ve ever experienced! We practiced so much and got reconnected with our inner child, so necessary if you want to work with children.

    Britta von der Lippe (Graduate November 2015)