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The Yogadance® Kids&Family Teacher Training

The Yogadance Kids&Family Teacher Training is travelling Europe.
Want to bring this training to your area? Host the training and get your training for free! Watch Video
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Kids and Family Classes

Yogadance® Kids&Family Classes

Luna Joy teaches Yogadance classes in Sussex, UK
Bring Yogadance to your community! Host a class in your village/town and get your classes for free. Go to Teachers Directory to find a qualified Yogadance teacher in your area.

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Yogadance® in (pre) Schools and Nurseries

Yogadance® in Schools and Nurseries

New in 2015! Would you like to bring Yogadance into your children’s (pre)schools and nurseries in Sussex, UK, contact Luna for arranging a free taster!
Go to Teachers Directory to find a qualified teacher in your area.


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